Summary: The New Nationalism

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Roosevelt’s speech inspired many Americans as well as few conservatives to strive for progressive reform and end the corruption of large corporates over industries. Such corruption led to the downward mobility of many citizens, especially lower classmen who struggled to achieve financial stability in a corrupt society, where the majority of the population consisted of poor Americans who worked for low wages. “The New Nationalism” speech emphasizes the importance of the common welfare and how reform should be established for the betterment of the economy in terms of regulating private businesses, to promote equal opportunity amongst employees and consumers, who hoped to gain rights against their rivals. Roosevelt states that supporters of property rights must serve as an advantage to the community, in which the community is able to benefit from such corporates in order to create equal prosperity for all. This way, lower-class men would essentially overcome financial circumstances and thus manage to provide for the well-being of himself and his family. Limiting the power of private businesses would allow for many Americans to escape financial…show more content…
Roosevelt and progressives believed that the industrial system was fraudulent and therefore proposed laws to fix numerous political issues. One of the many regulations called for the publicity of corporation affairs to determine whether businesses followed and obeyed the law in which they had to remain loyal to the common interest. Furthermore, forbidding corporates from utilizing funds to gain support for political ambition, would also decrease corruption in political affairs. Likewise, supervision of state corporations would allow control over railways and interstate businesses, to similarly prevent combinations of trusts to
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