Why Guns Should Not Be Allowed On Campus

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There are many reasons why guns should not be allowed on campuses. I am going to be focusing on how allowing guns on campuses can cause violent crimes. It would be very dangerous to allow guns on campus. Ages 18-24 are the most unpredictable periods in a person's life. As such, these are the peak years for abusing alcohol and drugs, attempting suicide, having other mental health problems, and committing gun crimes. Students who engage in binge drinking and drug abuse put themselves and others at risk. If guns are allowed, it is likely that these situation might result in serious injury or death. Firstly, guns should not be allowed on campus because it might lead to bullying. The potential of a violent incident happening would be higher. Student who have an access…show more content…
According to McGoey, Chris, “The survey said that most students believed that allowing concealed carry would increase the risks of suicides and homicides”. Students should always be eager to wake up in the morning and go to school feeling safe not being afraid of students or faculty that carry guns on campus. Charnoff, Daniel said that he would certainly not be happy with the knowledge that a classmate is carrying a gun, even if he is licensed to have it. For example, a student would sometimes think that what if they mistakenly annoy or have a fight with a student not knowing that the student has a gun, that student might just shoot the other student down. Things that are unpredictable might happen if students are allowed to carry guns on campus. McGoey, Chris argues that schools should never allow guns because it causes gun violence. He concluded by giving a solution that the only way to stop gun violence on campus is by best understanding by looking at the connections between "where" the incidents occur, "who" is committing them, "who" are the intended victims, and

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