Should College Students Be Allowed To Carry On Campus

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Even though many gun opponents believe college students are not responsible enough to carry guns, college students with concealed weapons permits should be allowed to carry weapons on campus because college security can't police the large number of isolated buildings on campuses and in light of the number of mass shooting on college campuses, students need a way to defend themselves. In 2010 when the Virginia Tech shooter killed 32 people and wounded 15 college campus around the untied States have been the target of shootings with tragic results. Since The Virginia Tec shooting, emergency emals and text messages alerts have been put in place to help keep students safe who are not in the classroom with the shooter, however it doesn’t help those who are taken by surprise (Burnette). Utah already has in place a law to allow students to carry weapons on college campuses if the have a concealed weapon permit. Texas has a bill pending that allow professor, faculty ans some responsible seniors to carry weapons on campus. The opponents to the law worry that students will carry weapons in bars, into sports stadiums. Under the Texas bill, none of these places would allow guns. An interesting fact to consider in the gun debate is there are 70 college campuses that already allow gun owners with…show more content…
They contend that posting signs and advertising a gun free zone just give criminals and mentally disturbed people a sense of security that they will not encounter resistance from the people inside the building. The other side of the debate by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence feels that having a classroom with unknown people carrying guns will disrupt the learning process and students will fear that if an argument comes up, the gun owner will use the weapon. There are no reports of this ever

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