Global Warming Essay

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  • Political Issues In Southeast Asia

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    AN ESSAY ON U.S. FOREIGN POLICY IN SOUTH EAST ASIA: IMPLICATIONS FOR CURRENT REGIONAL ISSUES INTRODUCTION 1. Southeast Asia is a region with different political regimes that comprised of eleven countries. It has always been of significant geo-strategic importance with its sea frontiers across important sea routes involving the oil rich Indian Ocean region related to the strategically important Asia Pacific region. Southeast Asia is becoming increasingly importance in today’s globalised world both

  • Roland Emmerich's The Imagination Of Disaster: Movie Analysis

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    Every change in film history implies a change in its address to the spectator, and each period constructs it spectator in a new way. – Tom Gunning Since the time of silent cinema, disasters have been a subject of film-goers fascination which continues to the present date which tends to create “sensual or psychological impact” on their spectator. These catastrophes can be in varied forms likes manmade, natural, alien invasions , planetary related etc. but tends to follow the same clichéd form of

  • How Does Biophilia Affect Society

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    Psychologists have argued about how Biophilia can improve and heal lifestyles of human being from the elderlies, the adults and even children. I believe Biophilia can have a significant impact in our lives and in turn change the world into a better place. Not only would we benefit from it, but our future generations too. Having already said so, why Biophilia matters? Stephen R. Kellert written in his book, Building for Life: Designing and Understanding the Human-Nature Connection, that biophilic

  • De In The Daodejing

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    Reconciling with the source: de in the daodejing De is a key concept in Chinese philosophy. However, de is also a concept that scholars have found particularly difficult to translate its meaning. The most prevalent translation is also the most distant interpretation from de in its original context, the daodejing. Victor Mair explains the difficulty of accurately translating de, “is evident from the astonishing sweep of thoughtful renderings of its meaning: power, action, life, inner potency, indar