11th Hour Reflection

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Review of - The 11th Hour Documentary Summited by Ankit Sachan (M.Tech) Amity institute of Geoinformatics And Remote sensing INTRODUCTION Makers: This movie has been made by a joint collaboration of Times Warner Independent Pictures, Appian Way and the Tree Media Group. The Documentary starts with the touching visuals of: - The Sunshine breaking through swirling clouds - The Hurricane - The Human Foetus curled up in mother’s womb - The Forest Fire raging violently - The Crowd fleeing from police or warzone - The oil wells burning - The Landslide, war pollution, gazelles and a knife cutting through the meat. - Meat on the conveyor belt, traffic in a city etc. - A combined harvester sweeping through a grain field. It…show more content…
Prof David Orr Based on these facts Prof David shown below talks of a tipping point as shown below which clearly shows that the Carbon di oxide concentration has never been more than 200 Parts per million on earths in last million years. But we are now having 400 PPM of CO2 in atmosphere this could take us over the tipping point which may make us lose control over the climatic chaos that might unfold as a result of this. The other scientists only confirm the facts that the global warming is not an anticipated phenomenon we have already increased the average global temperature by about one degree and are likely to continue to increase it further by a few more degrees. The phenomenon across the globe like icebergs belting, sea level rising, hurricanes becoming stronger and so on, only confirm this fact. The following visuals only confirm this by showing cracks in the ice cover in arctic followed by the regional expert corroborating the said effects. She says that even one degree rise in average global temperature has been enough to increase the power of hurricanes by 50%, melt the permafrost in tundra and lose 20% of polar ice caps. This means that in less than a few decades the arctic will be quite ice

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