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  • Cost Accounting Impact

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    COST ACCOUNTING INNOVATION AND TWO OF ITS IMPACT (Impact of cost accounting on financial and management decision) ABSTRACT This research contains the information’s and findings about the cost accounting evolution, about how it started from being an accounting itself through the birth up to the development of cost accounting. And the main purpose of this research is to discuss the two of its impacts, and also their benefits and implications. It also includes the objectives of cost accounting. And

  • Local And Local Government

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    There are three spheres of government which are national, provincial and local government. Local government plays an essential role in civilizing communities lives by providing and delivering basic services. Furthermore local governments set the directions for their municipalities through long term planning. It is therefore important that the three spheres of government work hand in glove to improve service delivery by municipalities and also for the enhancement of local democracy. Local government

  • Eastmatt Kodak Case Study Solution

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    Data Analysis. From our analysis, we can see that Eastmatt Kodak was forced to close numerous manufacturing facilities and reduce it’s global workforce from 145,300 in 1988 to 18,800.This was because it was not able to respond successfully to the rapid consumer shift to digital cameras. Kodak’s profitability and cash flow problems began in 2000 and it only managed to record one profitable year between 2004 and 2011, it also experienced annual declines in liquidity, steady fall in stock price of $94

  • Bank Sustainability Analysis

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    In order to encourage the banking sector to adopt the sustainability as a business strategy for banks, this research presents a number of potential benefits of adopting sustainability in the banking sector. In reality, sustainability can bring many benefits to a bank’s overall business performance. Given below is a brief summary of the resulting benefits for banks following a sustainability strategy (Hoijtink, 2005): 1. Sustainability will lead to stronger bank's reputation and better brand name.

  • Three Characteristics Of Corporate Governance

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    Corporate governance is a structural branch through which banks set a range of targets and means by which they monitor the performance. Effective corporate governance encourages the bank to operate safely and use resources efficiently. Corporate governance relates to how the banking business is governed: it consists of a series of relationships between management, board, shareholders and stakeholders. Lenders and other providers of funds are more willing to provide funding when they feel safe on

  • Mutanaqisah Case Study

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    1.0 INTRODUCTION Musharakah means partnership and Mutanaqisah means to diminish. So Musharakah Mutanaqisah means diminishing partnership. It is a joint partnership contract between the financial institution and its client. The client begins to purchase the share of the financial institution until he owns the whole property. In addition, at the same time the financial institution also leased his portion of share to the client. The client needs to promise that he will buy

  • Importance Of Financial Analysis Of Banks

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    Analysis of banks: why? Financial reporting is the activity that provides pertinent information for making important business decisions. The role of financial reporting for banks is crucial importance for the efficiency of banks' operations. Data needed for adequate financial reporting are found in the financial statements. In recent years, there has been a growing need for calculating performance of banks by using the information from the financial report. Importance of a specific analysis for banks:

  • Disadvantages Of Letter Of Credit

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    When two parties trade with each other, a letter of credit will be issued by a third party. Its purpose is to guarantee the payments for goods or services when the seller provides acceptable documentation. Typically, letter of credit is issued by the banks or other financial institutions. However, under certain circumstances, some reputable financial services companies might issue the letter of credit too. A letter of credit generally has three participants, which are the buyer of the goods or services

  • The Importance Of Money Management

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    The management of personal finances is highly important if you want to succeed in your life and ensure that you are able to achieve all your financial objectives. There are many aspects of running your personal finances in the right way and it is always important to keep learning the new tips and tricks that come out all the time. One of the best ways to perform money management is to use a number of tools that allow you to create financial plans and then you need to back them up with financial activity

  • Real Estate Finance Case Study

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    To talk about my preliminary interest in real estate finance, I must go back to the time when the development of real estate industry in China started to accelerate in the first decade of the new millennium. During my teenage years, I witnessed the real estate industry enjoyed a huge boom and exerted great influence on the daily life of normal people. The real estate industry became an important mainstay of the national economy and the investment in this industry, for the ordinary citizens, was