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Question 2: Select Harvests Limited a. Why has the number of shares on issue increased since 2014 balance date? Why did the company raise more funds by issuing equity? b. What is the company’s main business? Select Harvests Limited is Australia’s largest nut and Health-food Company with it being the largest almond grower and exporter in Australia. Almond growing and exporting is the company’s main business. Questions 3: Webster Limited and Tandou Limited a. Webster LTD has launched a take-over for Tandou Limited. If the bid is successful, what will Tandou shareholders receive in exchange for their shares? Webster Limited is Australia’s largest walnut producer and exporter and it seeks to expand its business by launching a take-over of a company…show more content…
It was Australia’s largest onion grower and exporter but has since sold that business. Now its main business is the quality production and exportation of in-shell walnuts. Question 4: GrainCorp Limited a. A couple of years ago there was a take-over bid for GrainCorp Limited by a US company, ADM. Why was this take-over unsuccessful? American agribusiness, Archer Daniel Midland (ADM) sought to increase their shareholding of GrainCorp, an Australian grain giant, from 19.5% to 100% with a take-over bid valued at $3.4 billion. However on the 29th of November 2013, the Australian Treasurer at the time Joe Hockey decided to block ADM’s take-over bid of GrainCorp Limited. This take-over bid was rejected by Joe Hockey because he believed that it was vital for the nation’s food industry for GrainCorp to be locally owned. He also believed that by selling it to the US company AMD that it would be against the nation’s interest. Because of his views on what GrainCorp meant for Australia, Joe Hockey was the reason why the take-over bid of GrainCorp by AMD was unsuccessful. b. What is GrainCorp’s main…show more content…
Who is the current chairman of the company and what is his background? The current chairman of Australian Agricultural Company Limited is Donald McGauchie and he was appointed this position on the 24th of August 2010. He has previously worked as the Chairman of number of public companies including Telstra Corporation Limited, Woolstock, the Victorian Rural Finance Corporation as well as being President of the National Farmer’s Federation and Deputy Chairman of Ridley Corporation Limited. Furthermore he has been part of the Reserve Bank Board from which he retired from in 2011 and was named the Rabobank Agribusiness Leader of the Year in 2001. b. Who is the current Chief Executive Officer and what is his background? The current Chief Executive Office of Australian Agricultural Company Limited is Jason Strong and he received that position alongside Managing Director of the company back in January 2014. He has over 20 years of experience in the beef industry joining AACo from a company called Meat & Livestock Australia. There he was the Regional Manager of Europe being responsible for the European and Russian markets of Meat and Livestock. He has also been the Chairman and Director of the Australian Beef Industry

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