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  • George Orwell 1984 Feminism Essay

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    The depth of the Feminine Characters in George Orwell’s novel 1984 In the novel 1984 by George Orwell; Orwell obliterates the need for women by placing the feminine characters in stereotypical positions. He has a feeling of resentment towards women. All of the women or groups of women presented offer a very twisted view of all of the things typically associated with women in literature there are multiple examples shown such as Winston’s mother, the Junior Anti Sex League, Winston’s wife, and characters

  • Happiness And Feminism: The Ethical Theory Of Hedonism

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    Hedonism, the word, is derived from the ancient Greek word ‘hēdonē’ meaning pleasure. This ethical theory states how pleasure (in terms of a persons satisfaction and desires) is what all humans aspire to, as it is in their opinion the highest good in life. Hedonists believe that we are only motivated by pleasure or pain as humans. Now the idea of pleasure is a pretty broad concept. Pleasure can be seen as delight, a pleasant feeling, ecstasy, contentment, elation, exhilaration, love, gratification

  • Women In World War 2 Essay

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    There have been many stories and information on many different topics on World War 2, but this one is about the roles of women during the war. But were they used in the most effective manner? During these times, women faced discrimination because they were considered “fragile” and not physically favorable enough for hard work. But, how the war brought changes is that it gave women a chance to prove that they were enthusiastic enough to do harder work, after all, they did. So I believe that the roles

  • Radical Feminism Depicted In Douglas Sirk's Rear Window

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    will re-born erotically due to her sexual interest towards him. (Laura Mulvey, 1975) Another classical film by Douglas Sirk in 1959, Imitation of Life, is also a great example on male gaze’s theory. The story set in the fifties, just before radical feminism ignited a political and social ground war between the sexes, with two female protagonists, one of whom is white and another one is black. The pancake business in beginning of film is a commercial adaptation of women's domestic role and, to an audience

  • Glass Ceiling Theory

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    1. Concept of Glass Ceiling 1.1. Women's role at work The Glass Ceiling act is a concept that was first mentioned in 1987. This concept started as an expression on why women could not get high positions in different organisations. (Muhonen, 1999) The glass ceiling´s way of structure made it more difficult for women to get jobs. Women are seen to be inferior to men, regardless of the level of difficulty at the workplace. , 1999). In reference to Folke & Rickne (2014) the glass ceiling act where a

  • How Does Sayuri Nitta's Memoirs Of A Geisha Relate To Feminism

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    Through the Marxist lens it is evident that the protagonists in memoirs of a geisha by arthur golden and the death of a salesman by arthur miller exemplify and even promote capitalist ideals. Sayuri Nitta (Chiyo sakamoto) and Willy Loman strive to achieve the life they’ve always dreamed of, but it is Sayuri who is more effective in obtaining social power by using her hardships and obstacles to her advantage instead of reminiscing through the past and is more successful in the journey to transcend

  • Marxism In Health And Social Care Analysis

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    During this essay I shall be outlining functionalism, Marxism and feminism as Principal sociological perspectives, I shall then apply the application of these to health and social care situations and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses. Functionalism being a structuralism theory can be explained as being a theory that examines society as formed through interdependent elements, much like the representation offered by Comte and Durkheim that each individual aspect of society is assigned to an organ

  • Marxist Analysis

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    capitalism as greater than an economic system, rather a system that affects all aspects of society. This shows the holistic ideas of marxism compared to liberalism, where marxists see structure, liberals see individuality. Such is the case with feminism, Marxist feminism seeks to define the oppressive structures in all of society, connecting back to the base and superstructure theory, where the private

  • Female Genital Mutilation Essay

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    moral norms and legislation. An obvious logical contradiction between the want to for universal human rights and at the same time excepting the different parts of each culture to determine its own ethical standards. First and second wave western feminism has depended on establishing universal rights for women. But new wave feminists have critiqued these theories and have instead demanded the recollection of the differences between women. These new wave feminists say that early feminist views have

  • Postfeminist Gothic Literature Analysis

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    debates on the Gothic, in particular the notion of the Female Gothic and its relation to second-wave feminism, as well as shedding light on the contemporary postfeminist conundrum” (Brabon and Genz 1). Within this nascent genre, women writers transgress the 1970s feminist gothic with its close affiliations with “victim feminism” of the women’s liberation movement. Accordingly, in her book Gothic Feminism, Diane Long Hoeveler worthily develops this point, contending that second-wave feminist criticism