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  • Factors Of Production In Economics

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    growth. There are four major factors of production mainly discussed in economics, which are land, labor, capital and entrepreneur. People who provide factors of production would get some earnings in return. In conventional economics, the reward goes to those who own them. For land, the reward is rent; for labor, it is wages; for capital, it is interest; and payment to entrepreneur is profit. Land does not mean only the ground, it represents all the natural resources,

  • Disadvantages Of SME

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    proven that it is very committed to supporting the growth and development of SME’s as evidenced by a plethora of SME supporting agencies and policies. It is however advised that the various SME bodies and policies be harmonized to ensure that new entrepreneurs have a one stop shop and to ensure better management of the Government’s objective. Government policy makers should equally begin to consider the possibility developing a version of the Grameen Bank type lending model which takes into consideration

  • Critical Success Factors Of SME

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    The characteristics of the entrepreneurs for achieving success in SMEs include need for achievement, locus of control/ability to control resources, risk taking propensity, pro-activeness and high tolerance for ambiguity, leadership, skepticism and creativity(Chong, 2016). Other personality

  • How Does Microfinance Hurts Women

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    poverty. Most of these citizens make less than a dollar and 25 cents a day. Many people have been looking for a solution, luckily thanks to Muhammad Yunus he created Micro-loans which gives banks the right to give small loans to women to create entrepreneurs. This would help women be more empowered by giving them the right to their own money and not relying on their husbands. This would change society cause it would help the economic growth and better Education, provide more job opportunities,

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Venture Capital

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    CHAPTER-3 VENTURE CAPITAL 3.1 MEANING:- Venture capital is a private and institutional investment made to new start-up companies. It also involves risk means uncertain outcome in the expectation of huge profit. The term venture capital means financing that investors provide to startup companies and small businesses that are believe to be having long term growth potential. It is defined as “venture capital fund” under section 2(m) of the SEBI (Venture Capital Fund) Regulations, 1996. Under section

  • Persuasive Essay On Bravery

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    Thirty seconds of pure courage, that is all a person needs to find themselves in a place they would have never imagined. As it is in the case of soloist entrepreneurs who all have had the fear of failure or disappointment. Many business professionals are sent off into Frankenstein corporations having to sell their soul to a suit. But what if they/we had the choice to pursue our vocation? The bravery to do it our way? To follow our creative vision to design strategies of a corporation of our own?

  • Importance Of Venture Capital

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    VENTURE CAPITAL There will be entrepreneurs who will be technically qualified but they will not be having the required amount of capital to finance their business. Venture capital is a type of funding for a new or growing business. It usually comes from venture capital firms that specialize in building high risk financial portfolios. With venture capital, the venture capital firm gives funding to the startup company in exchange to the returns in the future. IMPORTANCE OF VENTURE CAPITAL FINANCING

  • Importance Of Open Culture In Business

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    2.6 OPEN CULTURE We often heard about that we need an open culture in communicating with different countries.But should we need an open culture in companies or business?And why we need it? I think open culture have two different meanings. The first is Open corporate culture. Representatives can openly discuss issues.Because only you open your company to discuss the problems , to let customers know and trust you and you can better recognize your own problems, and correct it to improve your company

  • Essay On Women Entrepreneurship

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    society. Therefore women-entrepreneurs have been making a major impact in all most all the segment of the economy which is additional than 25% of all kinds of business. In India Entrepreneurship is very limited amongst women particularly in the formal sector, which is less than 5% of all the trade and work involvement of Indian women is 22% as per 1991 census and triple in rural areas around 27% and in urban areas 9%, so the role and participation of women entrepreneurs in rural sector is very

  • Social Enterprise Summary

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    The book “ Understanding Social Enterprise “ advocates the students, entrepreneurs and business leaders to develop a critical understanding of social enterprise through an exploration of the relationship between theory and practice. The book is very nice because it provides the readers a critical explanation as it engages with social enterprise theory and practice. It also provides a rich source of knowledge and learning. The book is divided in to two parts, the first part which is the chapters