Persuasive Essay On Bravery

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Thirty seconds of pure courage, that is all a person needs to find themselves in a place they would have never imagined. As it is in the case of soloist entrepreneurs who all have had the fear of failure or disappointment. Many business professionals are sent off into Frankenstein corporations having to sell their soul to a suit. But what if they/we had the choice to pursue our vocation? The bravery to do it our way? To follow our creative vision to design strategies of a corporation of our own? We can. Merriam Webster defines bravery as “the quality that allows someone to do things that are dangerous or frightening”. While this is true, this definition is limited. Bravery is one of the first words we learn during our adolescence, but no one teaches us that it is the way in which your mind is secretly telling you what your heart desires. Imagine a world without your favorite song, you’re beloved pair of shoes, that special classic movie in your collection. Imagine your life, with a great idea, innovation or inspiration, but not doing something about it. Think of it this way, a…show more content…
Special programs like UStart for students and Female propeller which welcomes diverse entrepreneurs to apply for the Ryan Academy programs. Before Female propeller, not many women applied for funding, but when it targeted females specifically, the office was flooded with applications. This type of opportunity for women is what is called a welcoming application environment in which, bravery can be excised. The point of this assistance and opportunity is to demonstrate that no one should fear to apply, that not only well rounded businessmen should apply for large grants to fund a product or service. Age, sex, beliefs or nationality should not affect your opportunity to make a decision. Such is the case of online businesses models like Ebay, Kickstarter and Etsy, small and large business are created and flourishing every

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