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To through a light on some traditional themes we have to explain some parts of the autobiography of Prannath Chowdhury which tells that Kumbhakars of Krishnanagar were the actual artists. No one can make clay models of gods and goddesses like them. The idols are accurate and without any flaws. At times they also made a kind of sarcastic ‘Ahladi’ dolls expression of which cause a laugh on gazing. And the cost was 2 paise only. The best clay modelers were residing in Ghurni only. During the childhood of Prannath Chowdhury Jadunath Paul was the famous artist. We can’t say him craftsperson or modeler or Kumbkhar, but he was truly an artist. Prannath’s elder brother was the supporter and fan of Jadunath Pal. And on his request Jadu Pal made a statue of Venus which he was asked to copy from an English book. Also there were two miniature statues of Venus in Prannath’s house which resembles with the Greek style of statues. Apart from ‘Ahlaadi Putul’ (Happy Dolls) and ‘Venus’, Krishnanagar artists were immensely famous for making real life scenes or miniature statues and life size…show more content…
Probably it happened due to the lack of practice or training as well as disinterest about local life. Today each and every human being tries to acquire more and more financial gains for livelihood, thereby lacking creativity. This is the major reason and fact that for attaining capital an artist have to fulfill orders in bulk. He works whole day for that and does not get time to create new as he is making copies products created before. He gets so busy in that and do not spend his time for creating new art pieces. This is his life now a day going on. That is why statues now a day seem not realistic and mesmerizing. It is said that traditional Kumbhakaras do know about 30 different types of fruits, 15 different types of animals and 20 types of fish which are now

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