Central Route Of Persuasion Analysis

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Everywhere people turn, they can find forms of persuasion. This is something that people encounter daily, whether in interpersonal interactions or in advertisements. Regardless, all around, there are messages being pushed at people that attempt to persuade people to change their beliefs and behaviors. Specifically looking at advertisements, there are two routes of persuasion that companies take when attempting to push a specific way of thinking. One of these ways is known as the central route of persuasion. This route of persuasion looks specifically at information and logic rather than other tactics such as emotions. This idea is demonstrated in the Verizon Wireless commercial titled “There’s a Map for That.” In this commercial, Verizon is…show more content…
The idea here is to focus on people’s emotions and impulses rather than information. Companies usually do this by appealing to ideas of prestige, sex, humor, or by using a celebrity to endorse a product. An example of a peripheral route of persuasion can be seen in the Kmart commercial “Ship My Pants.” Clearly, Kmart is alerting customers that they now offer shipping on their online website, but they appeal to the customer’s emotions through this commercial by playing on the idea of humor. This commercial was found controversial and was pulled off air. However, the fact that it was controversial made it memorable. I found this very persuasive because it was so memorable. The advertisements use of humor made it stand out. To make this a more persuasive commercial I would suggest not creating an advertisement that is controversial enough to get taken off the TV, yet still funny enough to be memorable. This advertisement is marketed towards people of low to medium income levels who shop at Kmart. The range of ages in the commercials indicate that Kmart caters to all age groups from children to older adults. Overall, Kmart does well marketing towards its indented audience. While including clever humor, they demonstrate just how much they have to offer in store and online. In the short commercial Kmart advertised that they sell pants, drawers, nightgowns, and even beds. These are all items that…show more content…
To contact his father, he uses materials from the company Paper and Packaging. While this commercial is memorable and creates warm emotions in the viewer, I believe that it fails to persuade the viewer to buy a product. While I remember the commercial, I can never remember what it is advertising. To be a more persuasive commercial, I believe that the advertisement could have put more emphasis on the company being advertised. While it portrays a beautiful story, it does not show off the product. This commercial specifically appeals to military families and others who may have a family member overseas. It also caters to adults of a low to medium income level. This commercial’s use of emotions caters to the target audience well by using the idea of perceived similarity. In this commercial, everyday people were using the product being

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