Got Milk Rhetorical Analysis

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I am ___________ and I am __________ and we are the creative team behind “Got Milk?”, and today we are here to illustrate the secret of persuasion, how to use it and make yourselves more successful. We are an advertising campaign by Goodby Silverstein & Partners introduced in 1993, created to encourage the consumption of milk and having a magnificent result of raising California’s milk sales. Our advertisements have been considered as one of the most influential and well-known ad campaigns in the world. Let’s have a look at our new ad, Champion. What are the strategies? We have used clever tactics, which have been proven to persuade and capture the audience. First, let’s have a look at logos, an appeal to logic or reason and ethos, an appeal to credibility or character. Everyone believes that milk is good for you. Parents give their children glasses of milk to drink because it’s tradition; it’s what they do to help the kids grow. This might not be technically true, but the viewers think that milk actually supports physical growth, gives strength and makes you strong. We used this “fact” because many have been made to believe that milk is actually good for them.…show more content…
The absurdity, the facial expressions of the actors made people enjoy it and continue watching even though they knew that it’s a ridiculous ad. Our ad “Champion” has had a brilliant result in making people laugh. Research shows that advertisements with humour become effective, enjoyable, engaging, and memorable, and that’s exactly what we want, drawing then consumer’s attention to remember our ads. The spine of this strategy is to make the comical aspect of the ad universal, discussing the popular subjects around the world, meaning thinking globally, so it can capture different targets and be used across

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