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  • Payroll Accounting Case Study Solution

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    A. Mr. Zakrzewski believes that Mr. Garrett’s recommendation to reverse the pro forma adjustment is unreasonable because he believes it doesn’t account for any of the changes during the test year. He states that the payroll adjustment is designed to annualize wage and benefit expense due to known and measurable increases in the wage and employee headcounts at the conclusion of the test year. He concludes this by saying that Mr. Garrett’s suggested adjustment to the payroll doesn’t consider the adjustments

  • Bangkok Bank Tragedy

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    Bangkok Bank was the largest commercial bank in Thailand. Full commercial banking services, including arranging syndicated loans, debt securities underwriting, trade finance, project finance, custodial services, SME and merchant services and specialist advice was offered by Bangkok Bank. The line graph shows some element in financial analysis that I get from the bank scope, the element that I choose is net income, total asset, total liabilities, total equity and net interest revenue. From the graph

  • Dollar Value Dollar Method Analysis

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    The dollar value LIFO method is another approach used for inventory valuation, it follows the last in first out but take into consideration the impact of inflation. The dollar value LIFO method is derived from the LIFO method and it’s designed to overcome the main problem of LIFO method which is liquidation. The dollar value LIFO method groups all type of goods in the inventory in a pool and the pool is measured by the total dollar amount instead of physical quantity. The balance sheet view differ

  • The Pros And Cons Of The FASB

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    Business dictionary defines FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) as, “Independent, US body responsible for establishing and interpreting the GAAP mainly for use in the United States. Its accounting standards, generally speaking, result in greater transparency and ease of analysis of a firm's finances than the accounting standards of several other countries. The comparable UK body is Accounting Standards Board (ASB).” Moreover, the major principle of the formation of the FASB is to establish

  • Worldcom Case Study

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    his professional judgement because he was under pressure from his senior. He continued making false figures in order for a positive reflection of the financials even though he knew what he was doing was wrong and unethical. Having worked for an accounting firm as big as Ernst & Young and for such a long period, Myers should have known and followed his moral

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Economic Value Adability

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    FCMA CFP Faculty - Finance and Accounting Birla Institute of Management Technology Plot No.5, Knowledge Park II

  • Importance Of Ratio Analysis

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    interpretation done on the basis of the ratio give a clear idea about the present and the future. It helps the management as well as the stakeholders in decision making. A ratio expresses the relationship between two interconnected accounting figures. Both the accounting figures might be

  • Residual Income Theory Case Study

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    According to IAS 16, the financial statement using their carrying amount for the year, “The objective of IAS 16 is to prescribe the accounting treatment for property, plant, and equipment. The principal issues are the recognition of assets, the determination of their carrying amounts, and the depreciation charges and impairment losses to be recognised in relation to them." The machines

  • Importance Of Financial Analysis Of Banks

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    financial reporting are found in the financial statements. In recent years, there has been a growing need for calculating performance of banks by using the information from the financial report. Importance of a specific analysis for banks: Financial accounting is providing solid information basis that helps banks to reach important business decisions. The reason for that lies in the fact that complex business activities of banks are presented in financial statements standing for

  • Essay On Depreciation

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    be allocated equal to acquisition minus the salvage value. It is allocated based on the estimated of useful life of asset. All the allocation method must be rational and systematic. The depreciation is amount of the cost to be allocated within an accounting period. The depreciation can be calculated in many method, the common method is straight-line depreciation and other is accelerated depreciation method and the Units of production depreciation. There also have some causes of depreciation for example