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  • Sampling Method In Statistics

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    3.2 Sampling Method 3.2.1 Target Population The population is the name for the large general group of many cases from which researcher draws a sample which is usually stated in theoretical terms. While the target population is the name for the large general group of many cases from which a sample is drawn and which is specified in very concrete terms (W.Lawrence Neuman, 2008). Therefore, the target population of this research study will target the university’s students which are male and female who

  • Working Capital Management Literature Review

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    Current assets are assets which are easily converted into cash without diminishing their values and are likely to change their form within one accounting period. This comprises of inventory, receivables and cash. Current liabilities on the other hand are essentially bills and debt due suppliers and creditors within a short period of time. These are mostly referred to as accounts payables. Efficient

  • Principal-Agent Theory In Corporate Governance

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    It is an acknowledged fact that the principal-agent theory is generally considered the starting point for any debate on the issue of corporate governance emanating from the classical thesis on The Modem Corporation and Private Property by (Heracleous, 2001). According to this thesis, the fundamental agency problem in modem firms is primarily due to the separation between shareholders and management. Modem firms are seen to suffer from separation of ownership and control and therefore are run by professional

  • Egyptian Paintings In Ancient Egyptian Art

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    In figure 2, we see an individual on his journey to the afterlife. Across the top, we see him seated and being judged by fourteen judges, who are accounting for his deeds during his life. Under, he is holding hands with Anubis. His heart is being weighed against the feather of Ma'at, goddess of truth and justice. If his heart is heavier, that means it is full of evil and he’ll be devoured by Ammut

  • Negative Effects Of Multiplier Effect

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    Multiplier effect Hyde pointed out that the variables and practices we have been discussing are not mutually exclusive. In fact, when used together, they can have synergistic effects. "To a certain extent, these different variables (load, exercise, volume, rest) can complement each other," he said. "The principle of increasing the load to increase the stimulus is derived from the principle of size, and its principle basically shows that as the load increases, you begin to recruit more powerful

  • Afcom Case Study

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    AFCOM SL in one way uses Information Technology to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Its computers are used for emailing, accounting, customer data base, word processing programs, but also have other professional software packages that they use to increase productivity, attract new customers, reduce costs and save the client’s time. Afcom being an ISP also uses computers for

  • If The Cross-Price Elasticity Between Ketchup And Hamburgers

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    Managerial Economics Assignment Submitted to Professor Amit Sharma   1. When the price of corn was "low," consumers in the United States spent a total of $8 billion annually on its consumption. When the price halved, consumer expenditures actually DECREASED to $6 billion annually. This indicates that: A. The demand for corn is elastic. B. The demand curve for corn is upward sloping. C. Corn is a Giffen good. D. The demand for corn is inelastic. Solution: C. Corn is a Giffen good

  • Bottleneck Case Study

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    Q.1 What are the methods described in The Goal for identifying a bottleneck? Answer 1:- Bottleneck- Any resource whose capacity is equal to or less than the demand placed upon it. They have tried different ways in order to find out the bottleneck in the case 1) They looked at all resources and made a comparison with the market demand. According to them bottleneck is the one in which demand is greater than capacity, but this method was too complicated and time consuming. 2) They can talk to expediters

  • Confirmation Bias In Tourism

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    For this assignment, it asks me to choose six biases or heuristics that can negatively affect decision making by managers in tourism organizations. The difference between biases and heuristics are as follows. Bias as defined by Xu, Liu and Liu (2014) as departure from objective standards that one can, and is therefore viewed as inaccuracy. Bias tends to be inaccurate for most of the time. People can develop bias based on others, a group or even an organization. Whereas a heuristic is a rule of thumb

  • Discursive Approach To Politics

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    Podemos, which widely uses different media and has the Indignados experience as its background, prompts us to examine the discursive and material angles of politics and the relationship between them more closely. While Laclau's theory is necessary for accounting for the discursive angle, the material one should be considered as a site of the affective political experience. This paper employs Brian Massumi's notion of affect conceived as an immanent corporeal power to affect and to be affected by other bodies