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  • Public Accounting Case Study

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    Public accounting firms can be seen as firms of accountants that work for clients such as businesses, individuals, non-profits and governments. The utilities provided by public accounting firms will differ by the size and the skillfulness of the firm. There are some of the public accounting utilities: preparation, review, and auditing of financial statements, tax work including the preparation of income tax returns, and estate and tax planning, and consulting and advice involving accounting systems

  • Audit Expectation Gap In Accounting

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    functions being performed by the profession of accounting are found to be important in the growth and stability of financial market both at the domestic level and international level (Ruhnke & Schmidt, 2014). An audit can be defined as the examination of financial statements of an organisation by the independent professional (an auditor) considering the attestation of financial report reflecting

  • Kmart's Bankruptcy

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    the details of the fraud. Also discussed are the ethical and GAAP’s violations happened in the case (Graff, 2006). The K-Mart scandal was an accounting scandal happened in the popular K-Mart firm. Kmart in the early 2000’s has done shelf locking prices from the suppliers and the amount collected in few millions of dollars is projected through accounting fraud as revenue. This inflation in the revenue is not actually the profits by the company but mere fraud that showed the sums collected as inflation

  • Hedge Accounting Case Study

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    Hedge accounting is described in CCCTB article 28. Generally transactions will be measured individually. But if transactions are meant to be taken into account together because fluctuation in their values shows more or less opposite effect it can be accounted as hedge accounting or joint valuation. So gains and losses on a hedged item will be treated the same as the corresponding hedging instrument. In the CCCTB the hedging instrument and hedged item can even be held by different group members.

  • Intangible Asset Problem In Accounting

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    consumer products and pharmaceutical has a tremendous value on investments in intangible assets. Investigate reports of intangible assets is the purpose of this study, the root of the Organization's success is, how the assessment and reporting of accounting. In this survey, some regulators, investor, analysts and other intangible assets report, there are some problems involving intangible assets reporting system recommendations. So that a company have to accurate measurement of intangible assets-related

  • The Importance Of Big Data In Accounting

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    With this regard, Mcfee and Brynjolfsson (2012) conducted a study in conjunction with McKinsey’s business technology to establish the impact of data analytics on the accounting profession. The study revealed that not all accounting managers embraced data-driven decision-making processes. However, Mcfee and Brynjolfsson (2012)’s study showed that accountantswho used data analytics had an overall better performance on operational results and financial

  • Difference Between Implicit Cost And Explicit Cost

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    Explain the difference between implicit and explicit costs. Give two examples of when an explicit cost is different from an implicit cost Explicit costs are actual costs incurred by the company during production. They are also named accounting costs or direct costs. An explicit cost happens on purpose and has a direct impact on the company and its revenue. Some examples would be rent, insurance, wages, maintenance, materials. Since they leave a paper trail they are easy to be recognized. Implicit

  • Three Types Of Process Costing

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    Word count: 1738 According to (H. 1995), process costing relates essentially to processes where all units are identical. In all contexts of process costing the following principles should be adhered to: (a) All costs, Direct and indirect, incurred during the period are charged to each process so that a total process cost for each is obtained. (H. 1995), (b) The total process cost of each process is then shared equally among all the cost units processed in that process. The basic process costing formula

  • Cynthia Cooper Worldcom Failure

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    Master of Science in Accountancy at the University of Alabama, Cynthia Cooper started her career as a Certified Public Accountant. Later on in her career, she was named “People of the Year” by Time magazine for helping discover one of the largest accounting scandals in corporate history. Cynthia Cooper and her team of internal auditors detected the fraudulent activity that was conducted by the top managers of WorldCom and helped save investors millions of dollars, inspire new legislation, and made

  • Heineken's Management Information System

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    in data processing” and offers developed enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to its customers. Heineken international company employs enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that executes the key function of an organization including accounting, sales and distribution, production planning, controlling, human resources etc. The whole business modules get integrated in one flow of informations so that all data are interconnected with each other. Therefore, it enables Heineken international