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  • Fraud And Accounting Assignment: Introduction To Financial Accounting

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    BSA201 Introduction to Financial Accounting Assignment 2 Aya Hussein \ 201520100 1-Define fraud and internal control. Fraud is an unethical act employees usually do for different reasons either opportunities like when there is leak of control and unhealthy environment where worker did it never get caught financial pressure where the employees is having a financial problems like a big debt or where they are having a life style that they can't afford just

  • Disadvantages Of Creative Accounting

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    Creative accounting has been examined in numerous scholarly papers yet there is no formal concurred definition because of the reality there are distinctive discernments and understandings of what creative accounting envelops. Creative accounting is by and large the European expression and has been characterised as a procedure by which management exploit crevices or ambiguities in accounting standards to present a one-sided picture of financial performance, by Balaciu et al (2009). It doesn't break

  • Accounting Information System

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    The Impact of Accounting Information System (AIS) on Small and Medium Enterprises Introduction of an Accounting Information System – AIS An Accounting Information System (AIS) is the collection, storage, processes, analyses and disseminates of financial and accounting data used by internal management to report information to owners, investors, debtors, creditors also government tax authorities. An accounting information system is a subset of Management Information System (MIS) which

  • Creative Accounting: Pros And Disadvantages Of Expensess In Accounting

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    QUESTION 1 A. “Expenses in accounting is defined as a reduction of asset of company which is used to create revenue.” (Pizzey, 1998). Expenses may be an amount immediately consumed for purchasing an item and recorded when the expenses incurred, such as salary, material, electricity bill. In addition, “the expenses would be from fixed asset over a long period as a form of depreciation”(Seal, Rohde, Garrison, & Noreen, 2015). On the other hand, “the prepayments which are not expired are recognized

  • Information System In Accounting

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    Information System in Accounting Practices Abstract This study aimed to identify the implementation of the information system in accounting practices, and its relationship with the quality of accounting outputs (information) and the internal control. To achieve the goal of this study, the proponent looks for some related research to come up with the topic. The proponent also interviewed some accountants to know about their experiences in using the automated process of accounting. And also the proponent

  • Role Of Environmental Accounting

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    Environmental Accounting(EA) goes beyond recording and measuring because it deals with decision making and steps in conservation of resources Environmental accounting (EA) is seen by corporate managers and environmental advocates alike as a necessary complement to improved environmental decision-making within the private sector. Whether the goal is pollution prevention, or some broader notion of "corporate sustainability," there is a widespread belief that sound environmental accounting will help firms

  • Cost Accounting Impact

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    COST ACCOUNTING INNOVATION AND TWO OF ITS IMPACT (Impact of cost accounting on financial and management decision) ABSTRACT This research contains the information’s and findings about the cost accounting evolution, about how it started from being an accounting itself through the birth up to the development of cost accounting. And the main purpose of this research is to discuss the two of its impacts, and also their benefits and implications. It also includes the objectives of cost accounting. And

  • Roles Of Forensic Accounting

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    preparing statements that’s suitable to be presented in court depending on the auditing, investigation and accounting skills. It is a practice that emphasis the use of accounting skills to investigate fraud in the corporates and organizations, and analyze information drawn from such investigations for the purposes of use in legal proceedings. There are a common confusion between forensic accounting and forensic auditing. Forensic auditing displays a system of engagements that particularly revolve around

  • Importance Of Environmental Accounting

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    ENVIRONMENTAL ACCOUNTING AND REPORTING PRACTICES OF HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM CORPORATION LIMITED ABSTRACT: In recent years, due to increased global warming and environment degradation, environment protection has assumed utmost priority at the international level. There is a growing pressure for the corporate enterprises to consider environmental effects of their business operations. As a result, accounting and disclosure of environmental matters have rapidly been emerging as an important dimension of

  • Role Of Financial Accounting

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    First and foremost, the major field that exist in financial accounting is financial accountant. Financial accountant performs many functions than a public accountant. They work directly for companies and performing internal financially-related duties. The jobs responsibilities of financial accountant is supporting financial decision-making information by collecting data, analyzing and variances investigating, summarizing information and trend, and reporting financial data. Most of the financial accountants