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  • Gestational Weight Gain Case Study

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    ABSTRACT: Background: Gestational weight gain (GWG) is an important factor to be determined during pregnancy. GWG is affected as well as it itself affects various parameters related to pregnancy. The main aim of our study was to find the relationship between gestational weight gain with factors such as demographic factors, type of delivery and maternal comorbidities. Method: A prospective, multi-centric study involving 67 pregnant women of different villages of Mehsana district of Gujarat region

  • Essay On Cultural Relativism

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    The journal titled Cultural Relativist and Feminist Critique in International Human Right is basically talking about the similarity and the tension between two major groups which is Cultural relativism and feminism. They both critique about International Human right. The newest critique happened in United Nation Conference in 1994 that discussed about Family planning and the rights of women to control their own body. The Cultural relativist people oppose those action regarding it is violence their

  • Essay On Mother Teresa

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    The sacrificial life of Mother Teresa is one to never be forgotten in this world. Her years of life have affected so many people that grew into liking her. Not only does she contribute to one subject such as peace, she is brought up in many stories. She is a supporter of what is right and sacrifices things in her life personally for others. Mother Teresa is not her only name, Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu is the name she was baptized as. Born on August 27, 1910, in Skopje, although no one is sure one hundred

  • The Importance Of Domestic Violence

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    scalds, dental injuries, jaw injuries, oral soft tissues injuries, homicide). 1 Physical abuses include sexual abuses such as forcing wife to sexual intercourse, coercing (forcing) sexual acts and marital rape; it results in unintended pregnancies, abortions, adverse pregnancy outcomes (such as low birth weight or perinatal death, maternal morbidity or even mortality) and sexually transmitted

  • Islamic Culture Essay

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    Globalization has reshaped the whole world through advancing technology and other powerful infrastructures and has been accelerating changes in political, social, cultural and economical grounds. Although there are some overwhelming benefits from globalization, there are few concerns among Muslims regarding its impacts in the dimension of global culture. This is because globalization is hugely linked with the West. Muslims feel that various values, notions, way of living and ideals emerging from

  • How Family Has Changed The Family Essay

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    In the today's society, we are living in, it is hard to realize how much family has changed. We get caught up in our own world that often we do not pause and reflect on life. Looking at the demographics and interaction families have together is important. Overall, this is what influences the next generation. The topic about how the family has changed is a broad statement, so in this paper, we will delve into that topic. Looking back to family life about 100 years ago, it was drastically different

  • Argumentative Essay: Having A Child

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    How am I going to explain to him this time,he would be even harsher on me this time. What if he forces me to get an abortion or maybe hit me harder so that he will kill the baby? I could not let this happen to me because I have suffered enough and I have to step out of this not soon but right now. Tonight,I have a plan to leave this place,leave him and never will I ever

  • Essay On Political Socialization

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    Marking a little check mark beside presidential candidate George W. Bush was the first time I had encountered the world of politics as far as I could remember. I was in kindergarten and the school was introduced to a mock presidential election between Bush and Kerry back in 2004. We knew what the word ‘president’ was, but we were still too young to understand the actual term and duties of a president; my friends and I just wanted to choose the person with a name we were familiar with, which was Bush

  • Two Child Policy In The Philippines

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    Bennett-Jones (2000) stated that, “We have focused on information and education so people can persuade themselves that having a smaller family will bring benefits to them.” Throughout the years, the Philippines have a really big crisis dealing with the overpopulation of the country. The government assumed that implementing a two-child policy law will unlock the key towards the problem the country is facing. Each of the family in the Philippines has more than two children; limiting a family is a difficult

  • The Importance Of Maternal Death

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    Some reasons for maternal death can include postpartum bleeding, hypertensive disorders of pregnancies, problems caused by unsafe abortions, postpartum infections and obstructed labor. There are numerous pre-existing conditions that that can be factors in the death of a woman. These can include malaria, anemia, HIV/AIDS and cardiovascular disease. All these diseases can complicate the