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  • Planned Parenthood Video Analysis

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    However, these videos failed to generate the controversy that the campaign by the Center for Medical Progress has. The videos released by Live Action contain content about Planned Parenthood providing abortions to underage women, helping ‘pimps’ get women they had potentially trafficked abortions, birth control, etc. While these accusations were similar in nature, the public reaction was lukewarm and contained. The videos released by the Center for Medical Progress

  • Planned Parenthood Research Paper

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    Cecelia Richards. This organization is like any medical clinic. It helps people who are in need of medical help. Planned Parenthood provides reproductive health as well as child care health. Planned Parenthood is mostly known for abortions. It is one of the largest abortion clinics around the United States. The original name of Planned Parenthood was known as American Birth Control League, which was founded by Margaret Sanger in 1921. There are a total of 820 Planned Parenthood clinics in the United

  • Arguments Against Planned Parenthood

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    the simple fact that abortion is murder. What's at stake is the unfair temporary discomfort of the mother vs. the unfair permanent death of the child. Instead of abortion, mothers can get help from pro life organizations, who willingly make things as easy as possible during the pregnancy, and after birth, give the child immediately to a waiting couple. This is a far better solution since the child is allowed to live, and the mother can then continue with her life. (Is Abortion Wrong in Cases of

  • Argumentative Essay On Birth Control

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    responsibly to decide to keep the child, to get an abortion, or give it up for adoption. According to Bianca Brooks’s article “Access to Birth Control is About Life Control, “72.6 percent of pregnancies of unmarried women under 30 are unintended”. These women might not have the financial security to care for children that can lead into abortion or even infant death. With free or cheaper birth control can lead into less infant death and less abortion keeping the

  • Gender Imbalance In China

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    Despite the Chinese proverb “Women hold up half the sky”, Chinese society prefers sons to daughters. Gender imbalance is a serious problem in China with a 3.8% gender gap in 2011 as seen above, translating into 52 million more men than women. The disparity has persisted and has been above the global average of 107:100, for nearly 30 years (Zhang, 2011). A clear consequence of son preference is the increase in trafficking of women (Conaway, 2008). Gender imbalance has largely been a result of the

  • Planned Parenthood Research Paper

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    transmitted infections, comprehensive sexual education, menopause treatments, vasectomies, tubal ligations, and abortions. The Planned Parenthood 2013-2014 annual report there were 4,470,597 instances of STI/STD testing and treatment, 3,577,348 instances of contraception, 935,573 cancer screenings and preventions, 1,128,783 pregnancy tests given, 18,684 prenatal services, 327,653 abortion procedures, 2,000 adoption referrals to other agencies, and 129,795 other services given for a total of over 10

  • The Pros And Cons Of Birth Control

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    resistance. Two methods by which partners delineate the progression from sexual pleasure to child rearing are abortion and contraception. Thought on these methods has evolved through the lenses of economic freedom and eugenicist planning. It is through these perspectives by which businesses and political groups have justified their attempts to exert control over access to contraception and abortion. Contraceptives are consumer goods and require profit focused businesses to supply

  • Comparison Of Exodus 21: 22 Miscarriage Vs. Premature Birth

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    the question arises; if the baby dies from the strike, would it be considered a miscarriage or simply still a premature birth? Many abortion articles use Exodus 21:22 for their basis on their beliefs, by digging in to the text. In this research paper, I will discuss the similarities and differences between a miscarriage and a premature birth, while referring to abortion views related to the biblical context on the subject. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a miscarriage is considered a

  • Unwind Reaction Paper

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    I can, of course, connect unwinding to abortion today. The two are a process that help a parent get rid of a child that they either don’t want, or is causing too much trouble for them to handle. Another connection that I can make is the Heartland War to the Civil War. Both wars were fought

  • Essay On Danger Signs During Pregnancy

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    1. INTRODUCTON 1.1. Background ;- Global situation information Danger signs are signs of serious complications and they are grouped under three phases: pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. The commonest danger signs during pregnancy include vaginal bleeding, swollen hands and face, and blurred vision. Key danger signs during labor and childbirth include severe vaginal bleeding, prolonged labor, convulsions, and retained placenta. Danger signs during the postpartum period include severe