Planned Parenthood Research Paper

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Planned Parenthood, also known as PPFA, is an unprofitable organization ran by the president of the company, Cecelia Richards. This organization is like any medical clinic. It helps people who are in need of medical help. Planned Parenthood provides reproductive health as well as child care health. Planned Parenthood is mostly known for abortions. It is one of the largest abortion clinics around the United States. The original name of Planned Parenthood was known as American Birth Control League, which was founded by Margaret Sanger in 1921. There are a total of 820 Planned Parenthood clinics in the United States. PPFA doesn’t just support people in the United States—it supports people throughout the world. PPFA allows over three million people all over the world to come to their clinic. Not only is Planned Parenthood known for abortions, but it is also known for the checking of breast cancer, HIV screenings, and contraception. Planned Parenthood has a counseling session for patients that have trouble dealing with breast cancer, AIDS, HIVS, or contraception. PPFA has performed over 300,000 abortions annually along with the other three million welcomed from outside of the United States. Recently, the PPFA has been getting violent threats and attacks from those who do not support the unprofitable organization.…show more content…
Facts have shown that when Planned Parenthood gives abortions, they take the organs of the babies to donate them. According to the law, selling organs for profits is illegal. Researchers have found that the Planned Parenthood organization misleads, mistreats, and misuses women on the forms they fill out to give improper consent of the patients. When Planned Parenthood takes these illegal organs from the “unborn babies”, many people hang a price over them for the other babies or humans that are in need of those certain
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