Arguments Against Planned Parenthood

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The U.S should defund the practices of Planned Parenthood because it promotes unsafe sex, degrades the value of life, and kills innocent minds. The negative practices outweigh the positive workings of this program. Planned Parenthood subliminally and subjectively pushes mothers into the perspective that being pregnant is something people should worry about and that Planned Parenthood can get rid of the so called “problem.” This is promoting unsafe sex. In today’s society, Planned Parenthood claims to be a ‘leader’ in what they call “reproductive and sexual health.” Basically, any kid (ten and up) who knows nothing about sex is shown and taught exactly how to engage in intercourse. These children are made aware of the fact that Planned Parenthood…show more content…
What if Einstein, Tesla, Gandhi, Aristotle, and so many more influential people in history’s mothers had aborted them? This easily shows how impactful a life can be. A popular group, “Nahko bear and Medicine for the people” (with front man Nahko Bear) is a band that collaborates music and a positive message of coming together to change the world for the better. In their hit song “So Thankful”, Nahko speaks of his tragic childhood. He was conceived out of rape. This explains why the lives of non –consensual sex matter too. . Nahko turned his experience into helping grow and push others who have been born from non-sensual conceiving to be positive and empowered. “Two wrongs don't make a right. The unfairness of the situation does not change the simple fact that abortion is murder. What's at stake is the unfair temporary discomfort of the mother vs. the unfair permanent death of the child. Instead of abortion, mothers can get help from pro life organizations, who willingly make things as easy as possible during the pregnancy, and after birth, give the child immediately to a waiting couple. This is a far better solution since the child is allowed to live, and the mother can then continue with her life. (Is Abortion Wrong in Cases of

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