Argumentative Essay On Birth Control

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Women are the only human gender that can produce children and go through the stages of developing a human baby. Women go through changes to produce this child and some women don’t want to go through those changings. Giving birth control to women for free protects them from unwanted pregnancies and unwanted changes to their body. Birth control is expensive and some don’t have the expenses for the pill. Birth control is viewed as a privilege, not a right, it protects the woman from unwanted pregnancies resulting in less infant deaths and giving women the protection from expenses babies have. Only women have to go through the body’s changes when developing a human being. With pregnancy comes with responsibly to decide to keep the child, to get an abortion, or give it up for adoption. According to Bianca Brooks’s article “Access to Birth Control is About Life Control, “72.6 percent of pregnancies of unmarried women under 30 are unintended”. These women might not have the financial security to care for children that can lead into abortion or even infant death. With free or cheaper birth control can lead into less infant death and less abortion keeping the…show more content…
Birth control is not a privilege, but a right and women shouldn’t have to struggle to feel protected. Some women, like Grace-Marie Turner, the president of the Galen Institute, believe women shouldn’t get free birth control, but they should try to be more conservative about their bodies and need more dignity than safer sex. “Government funded long-term contraception tells women that taxpayers will pay for them to have sex without fear of pregnancy” (Turner). Birth control doesn’t just stop pregnancy, but also has many benefits such as: regulating periods, blemishes, and fewer cases of ovarian cancer. Free birth control would be more beneficial for the health of women in the long

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