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The Zodiac killer was a very dangerous person and killed people that you least expected it. He was a very smart and logical person though and it sounds bad but you know he was good when he got away with it and he basically gave them his name and the police didn’t even know it. Obviously he was a serial killer he, but went for the younger high schoolers. Most of his attacks were all based on shocking the victims. One of the victims that had survived during one of the Zodiacs stabbing said, “It was nothing but pure shock…. I just did not expect it. I just didn’t expect that he would do that. That was a variable I had completely left out.” The Zodiac Killer was a fascinating criminal who still evades capture. The Zodiac claimed to have killed…show more content…
The two teenagers for some reason decided not to go to the concert so that went to Lake Herman Road, a couples minutes from the city limits. While they were least expecting it the killer parked right behind them and put a flash light into the victims face. Evidence later found shows that the killer shot the passengers window and the left rear tire out. While the man was walking around the car the two teenagers tried to run away. David stayed in the car and got shot behind his left ear. Right when the killer was done with David he turned and vehemently shot Betty in the back five times. Stella Borges was headed to pick her son up when she found the scene at the lake, she called the cops and when they got there David was surprising still alive. The cops couldn’t find much evidence at the scene so they hoped to get some information out of David but he died on the way to the hospital. The police began to start getting serious about catching the serial killer and started looking into evidence. At 12:40 a.m., two minutes after Darlene Ferrin was pronounced dead a mysterious call came in and it sounded like the man had been figuring out what he wanted to say. He claimed to have shot the bodies with a 9-millimeter Luger, and he also had claimed to have killed two kids. The killers last words were, “Good-bye.” Then he hung up. The police were smart enough to try and trace the phone and they

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