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In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, a suspicious aggressor terrorized multiple civilians in the San Francisco area. Known worldwide as the “Zodiac Killer”, the unknown male is believed to be responsible for at least five killings between 1968 and 1969. During this time he sent many letters and unsolved ciphers about the killings to the local newspapers and police stations. There have been some suspects, but to this day the Zodiac Killer has never been caught. The context of the numerous letters admitting to the killings show the uniqueness and intelligence of this man who has never been arrested by the police. Cheri Jo Bates, an 18 year old graduate from Ramona High School, was found beaten and stabbed multiple times outside of a college library she was studying in. There were no witnesses. On the 6th month anniversary of Bates’ death, an almost identical letter was sent to the Riverside Press, Riverside Police Department, and to the victim’s father Joseph Bates. The letter sent to the press and police read, “BATES HAD TO DIE THERE WILL BE MORE” (Wark). There…show more content…
A young man and his girlfriend were said being followed by a car headed west towards Vallejo. At 11:10 pm, David Faraday was spotted dead in his car, and Betty Jensen was found less than a few feet next to the rear bumper. “From light footprints and ballistic evidence, it appeared that the killer started from behind the car, shooting out the right rear window, then the left rear tire, then coming around to the front left” (Wark). Mailed on July 31st, a year later another letter was sent to Vallejo Times admitting of killing both teenagers and giving very graphic and specific details about each victim that only the police and the murderer himself would know. Along with this letter, he sent a coded cipher with a combination of letters and symbols that was solved and found having a twisted message later divulged to the

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