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Who was the Zodiac Killer? “I plunged the knife into her and it broke. I then finished the job by cutting her throat. I am not sick. I am insane. But that will not stop the game.” These are just a few of the famous words by the man who called himself The Zodiac Killer. These words rang fear throughout the city. Knowing that someone out there was killing at random would have been terrifying. The late 1960’s and early 1970’s should have been a time of happiness, but for the San Francisco Bay area and the rest of California, it was a time of fear. Not only did the Zodiac kill, but he taunted the police and reporters with letters and cryptographs explaining his reasoning for the killings and his identity. The Zodiac wouldn’t make it that easy though. He made the cryptographs unable to be deciphered by the police. This left the police questioning where to begin, and who to question. On October 30, 1966, Cheri Jo Bates was leaving the library to find out that her car would not start, which had been tampered with before she left the library. Struggling to start her car a man appeared offering to…show more content…
Arthur Lee Allen, born in 1933, fit the description almost perfectly. Allen was in the U.S. Navy but was dishonorably discharged for unknown reasons. While searching Allen’s home they found the same kind of watch that was found at the first murder. On the weekend of the stabbings at Lake Berryessa, bloody knives were found in his car. He told police that they were from a chicken that he killed for dinner. When victim, Michael Mageau, was shown pictures of possible suspects he pointed out Allen almost immediately. Although all of this information fits the description and leads to the murders, police could not find any of Allen’s fingerprints on the victims or letters. After a couple of years of being under police watch, Allen was released to live a normal

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