Cruelty In John Steinbeck's The Heartless Of The Humans

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The Heartless of The Humans Cruelty-a severe animality that is commonly seen throughout the sides of human nature. Many authors in this world illustrate this “ideal”. Such as John Steinbeck, who of which displays the ways of barbaric monstrous ethics through his different authoritative possibilities. He seemingly displays this notion of malice by the use of figurative language and grave fictive capacity. Realistic imagery, pictorial language and diction significantly illustrate his fraying purpose. John Steinbeck fully reiterates how the ranch hands and significant others in the novella forlornly acquire a cold heart when enclosed by certain “folk”. The interdependency between two main characters- George and Lennie defy the rules of being…show more content…
George dispatches Lennie as a ways to make his problems die down. “...The hand shook violently, but his [George] face set and his hand steadied. He pulled the trigger. The crash of the shot rolled up the hills and rolled down again…” (Steinbeck 106). Because of Lennie’s wrongdoing, George kills him- but only because he doesn’t want anything bad to happen again. When Steinbeck says “The crash of the shot rolled up the hills and rolled down” (106), he allows this event and the whole novella to come to life. When reading this, the reader can actually hear the shot and pop of the bullet from the gun. The reader feels as though they are actually in the story living in the moments of George’s internal and external conflicts with Lennie. Not only does Steinbeck create this to make it feel real, but he makes it to show the “wrong” idea that has crossed George’s mind. Steinbeck illustrates George’s callous side as all he does is kill of his “problems”. There is no sense of caring when all one does is kill their only friend and their only “piece” that keeps them going. Through this auditory doing, Steinbeck overall says that whether it was a mercy kill or not- dark relentlessness still shows through the eyes of George’s

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