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Chaco Canyon is one of New Mexico’s many beautiful landmarks left by natives from the past. Chaco Canyon is located in San Juan County and McKinley County New Mexico. That is in the northwest part of the state. Chaco Canyon is the place were humongous pueblos were built by the Anasazi Indians. The Anasazi Indians were hunter gatherers and also were basket makers. They are famous for their pueblo called Pueblo Bonito. This pueblo was enormous it rose four stories high and it housed nearly one thousand people. Other pueblos surrounded Chaco Canyon, but Chaco Canyon was the center of the Anasazi people’s culture. In sixth century A.D. the Anasazi decided to stop hunting and gathering to focus more on growing crops such as corn, squash, and beans.…show more content…
Droughts are pretty common in New Mexico so the Anasazi’s would store rainwater in holes and ditches. Archeologist also found evidence of Anasazi’s building dams and canals for their water, so it was a pretty vital resource. The Anasazi’s Indians thrived in this region of the country. They had many spectacular pueblos like Pueblo Bonito that I mentioned before. They also built pueblos on cliffs so when they had an enemy trying to attack them they would pull the ladders up so their enemy was not able to reach them. The Anasazi’s also built other types of houses and not just pueblos. They built pit houses which were under huge rocks. They had these houses so they could hunt and hide from enemies if they needed to. The Anasazi Indians were very great at building pueblos and cities. Chaco Canyon is the most famous out of them all. No one really has a clue to where the Anasazi Indians went. They pretty much just abandoned their cliff houses and their pueblos. Chaco Canyon’s downfall was how overstressed resources were, the Indians used too much trees which resulted in deforestation. This made the city go into war because of their lack of

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