What Is The Theme Of 'Anthem' By Ayn Rand Achieve Freedom?

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Freedom is a widely coveted commodity that many people want and fight for. There are many types of freedoms in the world, the most prominent of which are physical and mental. In the dystopian novella Anthem, by Ayn Rand, the protagonist Equality 7-2521 solitarily fights and searches for his mental freedom to create and think as he pleases. However, in the dystopian novel The Maze Runner, by James Dashner, the main character, Thomas, works with a group to gain and assert their physical freedom. There are many ways to achieve freedom, whether it’s through a group or by one’s self, there are also different types of freedom: intellectual and physical. The idea of freedom is dynamic and varying; physical and intellectual freedom are only some of the meanings that freedom can have. This variation allows for different…show more content…
One way to achieve freedom is by one’s self, as this is the only true freedom. A text that supports this viewpoint is Anthem, in which the main character Equality works for his freedom; he realizes that one can only be truly free when he or she is free from others, as exhibited here: “To be free, a man must be free from his brothers” (Rand 118). This quote illustrates that in order to truly be free, one must not have outside influences to infringe on his freedom. Rand illustrates that freedom must be achieved by one’s self and one can only be free when there is no one to add other, outside influences into one’s life. However, this viewpoint is not supported in The Maze Runner. The achievement of freedom is accomplished through group effort in this text, not by one person for one person. Freedom is fought for by a group of individuals for everyone in that group. The lack of freedom is illustrated throughout the novel in the form of a maze. The main characters are all stuck in it and throughout the story

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