Zircu Swot Analysis

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An example of achieving efficiency and effectiveness is to take feedback from consumers and take a note of their complaints and keep a scale of custom satisfaction whether consumers are satisfied with the quality, whether the good is durable and if consumers have developed loyalty to our products and noting their complaints to incorporate in production process. Process of Strategic Management In order to decide and make a decision as to how to manage the business, how to determine goals, make plans then take strategic decisions accordingly; it is important to do the SWOT and the PEST analysis. The SWOT analysis of Zircu shows that it has strengths like in UAE it is one of the largest distributers, producers and sellers of plastic products…show more content…
The CEO is the head of the company and is responsible for every single division of the company regardless of which country the division is, but the group CEO is responsible for the particular geographic location that they have been appointed for so, for instance, the group CEO of UAE is responsible only for UAE and not for the company’s division in Libya or Egypt. Followed by the group CEO is the top management that is the executive managers who are the highest authority when it comes to any decisions that would impact workers or any communication that workers need to have with the person of most authority or highest position then that is the executive manager. The executive managers have different department they look after such as supply, production, finance, etc. Followed by the executive manager is the engineer who is responsible for working with the executive manager on how to improve the production process, working of machines, what technology to bring in, what technical changes are needed in the company. This engineer has a group of engineers that work under him to ensure if any problem occurs in machinery or processing; then they are able to resolve that problems. Equivalent to the QC Engineer is the sales manager. His department and role is completely different from the Engineer, but their position on the rostrum or their position in the line of control and in the organization structure is largely the same. The task of the sales manager is to work with a team on which markets to target, which stores to place products in, how to increase sales and work with the marketing or production manager and carry out sales surveys, etc. Then there is the maintenance manager, production manager and operational manager. All of these managers have the same position, but have different job descriptions. Under these managers are groups of workers

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