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Maaroo Mehla-1 In the previous shabad, Guru Ji advised us that we should realize that God has created this world by injecting it with the poison of ego, which impels the human beings towards all kinds of evil deeds and leads them into trouble. It is only when we reflect on the Guru’s word and utter God's Name with true love and devotion that we get rid of this poison and obtain the door of salvation and union with God. In this shabad, he again tells us, how the one who faithfully acts on the Guru’s advice, gets rid of all fears, and obtains salvation. He also shows us the way to approach God and ask Him for the guidance of the Guru and the right way to live our life. First talking about the way to get rid of our fear including the fear of death, Guru Ji says: “(O’ my friends, when one) dies to the word (without questioning acts on Guru’s advice), one overcomes (even the fear of) death. (I have realized that) I cannot run away and go to anyone (to escape it. I have also realized that) immortalizing is the Name of that (God, by living under whose fear) we can escape (the fear of death).” Therefore addressing God, Guru Ji says: “(O’ God, in reality) You are the one, who kills or…show more content…
Imagining himself to be a young bride, who has written a loving letter to her beloved spouse and is now looking forward to his arrival, Guru Ji says: “(O’ my friends), I have sent a letter of truth (about my intensity of love for Him and His Name, and) if I see (my) Beloved, I would embrace Him to my bosom. (But, a voice within me is saying to me): “O’ crest-fallen bride, standing there (in His wait), by following Guru’s advice, (you can) see Him with (your inner spiritual) eyes. (But O’ God, I realize that You) come to reside in one’s mind, only if it so pleases You, and it is only by Your grace that a person is blessed with the special glory of Your

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