Pierre Toussaint Louverture's Impact On The Creation Of Haiti

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During twelve years from 1791to 1804, the French colony Saint-Domingue, known today as Haiti engaged in the most triumphant slave revolt in the world. The Haitian revolution was the result of the cry for freedom of black slaves, it gave birth to the first independent black nation as well as new views on slavery and freedom. This topic was chosen to demonstrate how a third world country, Haiti positively impacted the world in the past. This investigation explains the revolution, its purpose and examines the extent of the impacts such revolution had in the western hemisphere from the creation of Haiti, Jose Antonio rebellion impact on Cuba, liberty and equality in the Caribbean, the strict slavery laws or policies in the south of the United…show more content…
The author and date of such painting are unknown. Its purpose is to show one of the most important leaders of the greatest slave revolution in the world and introduce his belief to the world. The value of such painting is that Toussaint is portrayed in his army Uniform that shows the authority or rank in the revolution. The fact that it was found in the library of congress shows that it is a primary source and very valuable. The painting is a formal illustration that contains a memo written in French, one of the two national languages of Haiti, the country in which Toussaint led the Revolution. Such memo makes the painting, even more, valuable since it's a direct quote from Toussaint. This quote is directed to those who try to take away the liberty of Haiti; he’s telling them that their efforts will be unsuccessful. The source is limited since it is in only one language thus can only be understood by those who understand French, the date and time are unknown. Another limitation of such source is that it’s a copyright of an oil and canvas paintings, the origin is unknown, therefore, one can’t be sure if the portrait is an accurate demonstration of

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