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Written Assignment: Organizational Leadership I. Summary William Craig, who is a contributor for Forbes.com Entrepreneurs section conveys his ideas on how to motivate employees in an article that is titled Motivating Employees Should Be One of a Leader’s Top Priorities. Craig establishes that creating an environment that customers are provided great products and exceptional services will increase the bottom line for a leader’s company. Craig starts the article by stating “Motivation is what keeps the wheels of civilization turning.” Creating a happy culture is one of the first needs he speaks of in this article. If employees are happy it will create a productive environment. Giving employees the freedom and independence to speak, formulate…show more content…
(pg333) Motivation is the force of effort applied to an activity. Motivation is not a visible object that can be seen, it is known to be a form of a behavior. Performance may not always be increased by motivation. An individual’s ability to exert effort towards an activity *accomplishment is considered motivation. Having clear expectations and giving individuals the freedom of choosing the right option or path to complete projects or activities. Being able to choose the right theory to motivate your employees is an important part of leadership. There are theories that deal with employee’s needs being met to motivate them explained in the textbook. Fulfilling a leader’s staffs needs by dangling the preverbal carrot in front of them to motivate them to be productive. Some of the needs that motivate employees are being recognized, giving rewards, company wide support, clear expectation of goals, being encouraging and limit unnecessary demands. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs people are motivated by five types of needs; survive physiologically, the need for affiliation, the need for self-esteem, the need for self-actualization. (pg 340) There are other factors related to motivating employees. One of these factors is performance, it is the behavior an employee will have toward activities or goals. (pg 336) Being able to motivate staff to increase…show more content…
Being a great leader by example may not be enough. The needs of your employees will come into play when factoring in to how to motivate them to increase production and the bottom line. Having happy employees will create a happy culture and your staff will feed off of that to be motivated. Motivating employees by creating a comfortable environment. Being respectful, clearly communicating, and giving them opportunities to make important decisions independently helps maintain a great culture. Using the right motivation approach will hopefully increase production and job satisfaction. Having a well satisfied core group of staff will help spread those positive attributes throughout your

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