Creating A Strong Argument Analysis

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Do you recall the last time you attended a family event and there was always that one person in the family that became very argumentative regarding a current social event? More often than not, when my family gets together we typically discuss a current event and everyone chimes in and gives their opinion on how the issue should have been handled and/or their opinion on why the event happened in the first place. Attending these family events and listening to all the discussions regarding social events, has made me realize that there are several ways to approach the creation of a strong argument. The ways to creating a strong argumentative essay is to have a good introduction paragraph, make sure your argument appeals to the reader, and be able to refute opponent’s arguments. Having a strong introduction “is where you lay the foundation for your impenetrable argument.” A good introduction reflects that you have done research on the topic that is being argued, and also impresses the readers. Placing a hook, or an attention grabber, as the first sentence of the introduction essay grabs the reader’s attention and persuades them to continue reading. In addition, it is always a good idea to include background information in the essay to display to the readers that you have…show more content…
There are three different types of appeals one could include in their essay which are ethos, logos, and pathos. First, the ethos appeal shows that the writer is intelligent and can be trusted as they are providing a personal experience and the writer is using expert support through extensive research. Next, the logos appeal uses logic when one relies on their audience’s intelligence and when one offers credible evidence to support their argument. Last, the pathos appeal seeks to engage the audience emotionally, and is very effective if it is not
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