Rhetorical Analysis Of Mark Twain

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As I began to read the first part of you paper I became confused, because it seemed more like a book report for the three-fourths of the first essay. The goal of the first part of this essay is, to quote the prompt, “discuss the way that the author interacts with and makes use of her/his audience,” and to, “make sure you discuss the ethos the author constructs, either for her/himself, or for the characters in the work.” Nevertheless, roughly the first 700 words out of the total 962 that you wrote for part one do not address the authors ethos or how Twain connects with his audience. You seem to be more interested in explaining Twain’s thoughts on religion rathe than discussing the prompt. You spend these 700 words summarizing and occasionally giving your opinion about the points that he makes, but not using this to relate back to the audience in any way.…show more content…
Also, in the area where you do address the prompt, you don’t make an overarching point that I can see clearly. I suspect that you may want to talk about how Twain manages to establish an ethos despite the fact it is tricky to do so, or that he is straightforward in addressing a topic that people take very personally, but you don’t make this clear in the very short time that you spend talking about ethos or his

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