World War 1 Social And Economic Effects Essay

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World War has been known as the most brutal and deadliest war Europe had ever experienced. There were millions of deaths, billions of causalities and countless number of houses destroyed, The war not only took away lives and people’s hope, but spontaneously heavily influenced the post war society socially and economically. This essay is to explore and analyse social and economic effects World War One had on Europe and America. After the World War One, Europe and America emphatically experienced a gigantic change in society. Women’s right and improvement on social status were unequivocal. They endeavoured to maintain countries’ production in ammunition and food while most men were in the war front. It was the first time women were given such…show more content…
Economic effects were rather negative compared to the social effects World War I had given. Part of the reason why European recovered slower than it was supposed to be is the Treaty Of Versailles. Germany had been seen as a reliable source of international trading by the contemporary British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, who was against the idea of an extremely harsh treaty. The reparation Germany had to pay was enormous and perturbed Germany’s recovery. As a then industrially strong country, the fact that Germany did not have the ability to trade with other European countries slowed down every European country’s recovery. The domino effect was not foreseen by Clemenceau, who intended to undermine Germany. In addition, the reparation caused Weimar Republic to print a lot of money, which was not a viable solution since it caused hyper-inflation in Germany. It was cheaper to burn the notes for warmth then buying coal with the money. Extremist such as Hitler would blame the devaluation of their money on the Treaty of Versailles and caused social unrest. Regarding to social change, racism also grew due to the Treaty of Versailles and hyper-inflation. The Jews in particular were blamed for “stabbing Germany in the back”, which was suggesting that they were the ones who caused such hardship in German economy. It caused social unrest and later a genocide in World War

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