Zora Neale Hurston There Eyes Watching God Essay

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Alice believes that Zora would have loved and appreciated her poem, and the gradual discovery of what is essential in life. She goes on by saying, “Through all of life’s suffrages we need to find a place to be happy and whole. Alice believes that black people are in a toxic culture and this is why black people a not do better.” Alice was raised in the South where she lived under a fascist rule by white people. However, she is apart of an interracial marriage. Her interracial marriage speaks to Alice’s strength to follow her heart and not the corrupt bigoted world she came from. She introduces us to, There Eyes Watching God,” By Zora Neale Hurston, she fell in love with the spirit of the book. Alice wrote a poem to herself but informs us that the…show more content…
Zora was not only a writer; she was an anthropologist. Alice was also interested about the indigenous Indians. She to went travelling and exploring to understand the Indians. She found them to be fearless from wild animals, snakes, or other hostile Indians. Alice was interested in the ancient herbal medicines that the Indians used to cure diseases. She talks about how these Indians where persecuted as witch doctors. Killed for there beliefs and had to go further in to the forests to get away from everyone to survive. Alice has put the information that she learned during her travels in her new novel. Furthermore, she could not understand how these tribes existed together. While she was there she was presented the yaha medicine. Explaining, how western medicine treats only the body. the South American Indians have always known that the body and spirit must be treated together for a person to be heal. Alice also informs us that the showmen have started to come out of the deep jungle because they know time is short. They know that this world, as we know will be ending soon. Alice tells us to trust and lean into nothing, just go and be held. Don’t be
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