Thomas Friedman's The World Is Flat

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As we watch the world change, opportunities are shifting to people and places that they have never been before. In his book, “The World is Flat,” Thomas Friedman discusses this time of change and notes that we are not prepared for it. As he points out, our students today lack the quantity, ambition, and passion that it takes to compete for jobs and opportunities. Due to these frightening facts, people search for ways to adapt our education system to better inspire the next generation. While it may seem like an easy solution to encourage kids and start them on the right path, Universal Preschool is not the answer to better educating our nation’s children. There are already pre-k options, such as Head Start, that are available for low-income families, and there are no guarantees of the last positive effects of pre-k. It would be more efficient to use our money to improve the quality of the established education system, rather than expanding it.…show more content…
After all, Thomas Friedman quotes, “Nobody works harder at learning than a curious kid.” (314) Yes, preschool may be a good way to inspire curiosity in kids from a young age, but do we really need to expand it? There are already programs, such as Head Start, for kids whose families struggle financially. Head Start is available for any child whose household is below the poverty line. It is these children who would have gain the most from a universal pre-k system, because higher-income families are more likely to be able for afford private pre-k or daycare. That means that most of target market for universal preschool already has programs catering to them. Thus, universal preschool is not necessary to increase the overall ambition of children, because there are already programs that reach kids in the same

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