Trap-Ease Mousetrap Marketing Strategy

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Guided by the marketing strategy, the company designs an integrated marketing mix which consists of the four P’s that is product, price, place or distribution, and promotion. Firstly, product produces by the company. Currently, Trap-Ease has only manufactured one product that is the mousetrap, which is also known as the Trap-Ease mousetrap. This mousetrap is designed to allow customers to enjoy the means of dealing with mouse problem efficiently. Customers can be at ease by avoiding the safety and cleanliness problems created by the traditional spring-loaded traps or poison. One of the main materials for Trap-Ease mousetrap is plastic. The trap is a square, plastic tube measuring about 6 inches long and 1-1/2 inches in diameter. The tube is designed to bend at a 30-degrees angle in the middle part so that when the front part of the tube is on a flat surface, the other…show more content…
Besides that, the front end of the tube had a hinged door where it rested on two narrow ‘stilts’ attached to the bottom corner of the door when the trap is ‘open’. This mousetrap works efficiently and is user friendly to every customer. When a mouse was lured to the trap, it will definitely aim for the bait. As it crawled up the angle bottom towards the bait, its weight will make the elevated end of the tube drops downwards, causing the door at the front of the tube to close. The mouse is trapped. Trap-Ease mousetrap is much safer compared to the traditional spring-loaded trap, as consumer will not worry of catching their fingers while loading the baits. It is also suitable to be placed in the house where it posed no harm or poisoning threat to children. The mousetrap also created no ‘clean-up’ problem when compared with the ‘violence’ of the standard trap and users can either reuse or throw away the trap. Users can dispose the mouse while still alive or suffocate the mouse in the

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