Women's Role In Ww2 Essay

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Thousands of women took over men’s roles when they went to fight in World War II. Women not only took over in factories, But in the military as well. Some women were recruited into the Navy, Army, or Air Force. Women piloted air crafts, delivered goods, and worked with communication tasks. Because of women, The United States was able to stay strong during the war. Women in World War II took on a significant role at home and on the battle field. Women who stayed home had a significant role. Women usually worked from home. Women usually only worked outside of home following the completion of their education until marriage. Caring for the family usually fell to women. For many women the war brought new challenges, not just in having to go to work out side of their homes also being the sole giver for their families. These women who took on these jobs were known for being a good wife and mother. In 1943 most women started to take on factory jobs when most men went to war. Later on in war when the U.S started to lose men they started recruiting women. The Navy recruited more than 100,000 women who were factory workers in the U.S. They did mail, communication systems, and various training tasks. Women in 1948 made a land army called (WLA) where land girls had volunteered or had been…show more content…
They were the largest group of American women ever captured and imprisoned by an army. Women who were recruited into World War II found jobs such as Electricians, Welders, and Riveters in defense plants. In the U.S, Women’s Branches of the Armed Forces were set up by the Army and the Navy. Women piloted, and delivered goods and supplies. The jobs women usually took on jobs as Nurses, Drivers, or other support tasks and test piolets. After war a hudge American icon came out called Rosie the Riveter. This American icon made a patriotic assembly line worker, supporting the war

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