Women's Role In Ww2 Essay

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The white men of America put on their uniforms and headed out to the battlefields of Europe, Asia, and the Pacific during World War II. Due to their absence, the rest of America had to go to work in order to replace these men. Filling their spots were women and minorities who were more than happy to work in these well paying jobs in which would have otherwise not been available to them. Women had to take on a new role during World War II that they never had to do in the United States. By 1945, over 250,000 women were working in the military as nurses and volunteers, though they were not allowed to fight in combat. Some believed this was sexist while other thought this was in the best interest for women, and they were only looking out for them. Women were needed like never before during this time back at home in the United States. While the men were off at war, women were needed to work in their place. During the war, over six million women…show more content…
After the attack of Pearl Harbor by Japan, there was a huge backlash against them. Americans saw the Japanese as sneaky traitors, untrustworthy, and un-American. There was a lot of prejudice against them even though they were just as American as everyone else. On February 19, 1942 FDR signed an executive order that gave the military the right to suspend the rights of anyone seen as a threat to national security. The United States mainly targeted the Japanese in which 112,000 Japanese Americans were put in internment camps. These internment camps had barracks, barbed wire fence, and were guarded by military police. Many of these families stayed in these camps for the entire war. As the war ended these people and families were release, but they were left with nothing. They had no job, no house, and basically no belongings. Despite the racism, over 33,000 Japanese Americans served in the military as interpreters and also to help navigate the Pacific

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