Maya Angelou Still I Rise Essay

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Some say the New Orleans was the cradle of the Civil Rights other say New Orleans was the ending of them but nobody knows exactly where they started or ended. In the 1960s the Civil Rights where the talk of almost everybody in the United States but mostly of the Civil Rights activist like Martin Luther king Jr and Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou was one of the greatest poets who overcame many obstacles in her life but stood strong through many challenges life brought. As the title of her poem says “Still I Rise”, that's what Maya Angelou did with a lot of her life problems. She was one of the strongest human that has bet the obstacles life put in front of her. In the year 1978, Maya Angelou wrote the poem “Still I Rise” , which was in a time when many were trying to rise. What African Americans wanted were civil rights and the two of the greatest leaders at that time that helped that happen where Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. They both fought for the civil rights of their people,so they could live a free and equal life. But at the time Maya Angelou joined the fight for civil rights. Maya Angelou spent as much time working for civil rights as she did writing. Malcolm X and Angelou formed…show more content…
The purpose of the this poem written by Maya Angelou was to make a stand against and display the pride of many African-Americans that were being badly mistreated . At that point in time many civil rights leaders were trying to help these people get the rights they deserved like better education for their kids and better jobs for their parents son they could have a good house and food to eat. With this poem Maya Angelou showed the whole world that everybody was equal and that everybody had the same rights like each other. By writing this poem Maya Angelou went around the world showing that everybody could get along with each other in an everyday

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