Women's Role In Ww2 Essay

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Introduction This essay is going to Body 1. As is known to us, World War I and II have deep significant influence on society, policy, and history of countries that are involved into the wars. In the wars, not only men fought hard on the front line of battles, women also played a important role. At the beginning of twentieth century, women were usually considered to be housewives who run the household, take care of children and rely on men in the family. However, things started to change since Wold War I broken out. The role that women played in society changed drastically with the introduction of the war. Actually, before two World Wars, apart from staying at home to do cooking, cleaning, sewing and this sort of things, women would…show more content…
Militaries of Allied countries across the world involved more and more women to join to help. In international range, the United States enlisted 400,000 women in the U.S military even though they had tried to enlist 1.5 million. And 700,000 women had joined the British Army by 1940. In Australia, women were also able to enter the workforce in jobs that are used to be considered as men played roles. To get women evolved to work on farms where the men all left to fight in the war, the Australian Women’s Land Army was founded. Meanwhile thousands of women started to do military duties such as manning radios, anti-aircraft machinery, drivers and other clerical roles with the recruitment of the Australian Women’s Army Services (AWAS) which was established in August, 1941. During the war time many other organisations for women appeared. In February, 1941, Women’s Australian Auxiliary Air Force established and Women’s Royal Australian Naval Service established in April in the same year (Condé & Wilcox, n.d). What is worthy being proud of is that thousand of Australian nurses also served overseas. (Anderson, 2012). After the war, more women wanted to have these kind of “real” jobs instead of the traditional jobs before the wars because they found that they were paid more and respected

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