Masculinity In School Ties

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The media play a significant role in changing common stereotypes. In the TV shows and movies we view, the media portrays new and emerging types of masculinity. An example of this is portrayed by the character David Greene (Brendan Fraser) in the movie School Ties in which he plays the part of an alpha male with a secret. School Ties was released in 1992 and was directed by Robert Mandel. The movie explores masculinity through the use of narrative, symbolic and technical film techniques. David Greene’s masculinity is portrayed through the way he is naturally rebellious in his attitude to authority, his positive mindset and charisma towards friends and his loyalty to his religion. The first time we see David Greene in School Ties viewers are…show more content…
Throughout School Ties we are positioned to see David’s rebellious nature towards people who abuse their power. The director shows us this on the first day David attends St Mathews, he and his new football team are all listening to music when Mr Cleary, the new house master walks in and request for the music to be turned down. He follows this request by saying “But we're not going to bring the jungle into my house, thank you very much”. As Cleary goes to leave the room David playfully makes the noise of an ape. Similarly, when David sneaks out of his room at night to pray, he is praying when the Headmaster catches him and confronts him about what he is doing. David stands his ground unlike any other boy would and challenges the Head Master like he wasn’t in a position of power, not like the rest of the boys ever would. The final time David protests against authority is after Cleary yells at McGivern and he has a mental breakdown that night, as they are carrying McGivern out on a stretcher David spots Mr Clearly and starts walking towards him and yelling “You Did This!.” The director highlights David’s anger and rebellious nature by following him with the camera on a dolly the camera, positioned below looking up on David’s face as he walks toward Cleary. The director uses this creative camera work to show David as a powerful alpha male not afraid to challenge

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