Women's Role In Ww2 Essay

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Because of the need for more men in the military, women were allowed to enlist for in during World War II. At first, women were only allowed in non-combat positions. As the war progressed, however, more women were needed for combat. As a result, they served in positions that could’ve gone to men. This shows the importance of men and women during World War II. In short, women became a necessity in the war as it progressed. At the start, the thought of women joining the services was laughable. General Eisenhower stated, “I was violently against it. Every phase of the record the complied during the war convinced me of the error of my first reaction.” Nevertheless, in May of 1941, Edith Nourse Rogers wanted a bill which would allow women to volunteer in the war. Once men enlisted there still weren’t enough troops to go around; furthermore, this is how women started to volunteer in the war. At first, women were shamed for being in the military. In the end, around 350,000 to 400,000 women held some type of military position. One of the most well-known jobs in the war was a nurse. Typically, these women were anywhere from twenty-one to forty years old, and their duty became important in the war effort. When they were working they usually carried…show more content…
Even though many women worked in “a man’s job,” there were still some women that worked as seamstresses, secretaries, and mechanics for the military. Others worked in administration or office jobs that didn’t require many skills, but were still notable. One organization that helped with this was the WAAC; furthermore, this organization provided troops with medicine, money, shelter, food, and uniforms. To put it another way, there were many skills women could have in order to work alongside the military. All in all, there were numerous jobs in the military that women filled, and as a result, it made a notable difference in the war

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