Women's Role In Ww2

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“Women in the war: We can’t win without them!”1 One of the many slogans used during World Wat Two for women joining war efforts and getting employers to allow women to work for them. Women played a huge role in World War Two! Their everyday lives changed in a heartbeat! Women were not only homemakers, but workers of the war too. Everything they did at home and in the factories helped America and the allies with the war. They salvaged and saved everything possible because they needed too. There were various ways others got women to join war efforts, some joined the military, and many participated in other civilian jobs. Women started playing more sports and creating official women leagues. And then when the war ended women were excepted o…show more content…
They wanted to do anything possible to help with war efforts. So, during World War Two more than six million women joined the workforce, but even with that amount of women joining there was still a shortage and more workers were needed. The Federal Government hired close to one million women to work for them. Two million joined clerical workers and close to three million worked for the Red Cross as volunteers. Anyone else worked in civilian defense. When new jobs were created, unemployment rates dropped. When the rates dropped it declared the end of the Great…show more content…
But when war started and men left and employers needed workers, women stepped up. Many women were housewives and mothers along with working various jobs to build items for warfare. Even though women were doing a “man’s job” they still got paid less. Women joined labor unions which helped members in any way possible. They helped women members get equal pay, if possible. A lot of women worked long hours six days a week while having children at home who needed to be taken care of. Mothers working had to look for daycare for their young children. Sometimes older children looked after the younger ones or other family members would take care of the working mother’s children. Some employers build daycare centers for the mothers to use. Working women relied on over-crowded public transportation rather than driving their own cars because gas was rationed and rubber for tires was saved for war efforts. Even simple task as shopping became harder because of the long hours worked by women, hours of the stores, and, again, because of rations. Everything was rationed, every item possible was

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