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Nisha Naidu Activism Cure Can you imagine being raped or beaten up and had no way to heal from your traumatic event? Trauma makes many people feel like there is no way out because therapy does not help many people cope with trauma. Trauma makes you feel hopeless and makes you feel like there is no purpose in life. Trauma can cause depression, flashbacks, insomnia and can cause an unsafe feeling. Trauma makes many feel less powerful and many are too traumatized to do anything. Public activism is a way to cope with trauma. Public Activism is campaigning or going on strike for political or social change. Activism will help others notice how they’re preventing others from going through the same traumatic event that they went through. Activism…show more content…
In the article “ The Activism Cure” by Meridith Maran , Kate Hanni, a 48 year old real estate agent at the time, was tourtered, stabbed and left to die. Kate had loss her “diginity and sense of safety”(Maran). If Kate was home alone she would be very scared and she would have a panic attack every time she opened her door. Kate had tried “everything therapy had to offer” but nothing was helping her .When Kate and her family were flying and were stuck on the tarmac for 9 hours without food or water she began to feel “victimized” again and knew she should do something about it . She then created a flyers rights website and was invited to Good Morning America to talk about it. She was debating about whether to face her fear and fly or to loose a great oppertunity. She decided to fly to go on Good Morning America, she was not afraid .Kate says she “forgot to be afraid” and ever since she has healed from her traumatic event. Kate explains that “ Helping others is the best medicine for anyone that has been traumatized.” Activism connects people together so they can feel like they are not alone and are there is a way out . She didn’t think there was a purpose for her in life but know when she wakes up every day she knows there is a purpose which is to help people. Maran argues that maybe therapist should not write prescriptions for pills but for

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