Veterinarian Career Research Paper

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The career that I have chosen is to become a veterinarian. I want to become a veterinarian because I like animals, and I also like to care for them .I am looking forward to doing the jobs that veterinarians do. A veterinarian does jobs such as the following: treat and dress wounds, Set fractures and broken bones, perform surgery, and so much more. A Veterinarians salary can range from $53,270-$86,640 however the average salary of a veterinarian is about $96,140.My budget which includes the following: Mortgage/rent, Electricity, Water, Phone, and Food etc., will give me a monthly surplus of $4,167.34 and a yearly surplus of $50,008.06.With the remaining money, I will put three-fourths of it into the bank to use to spend on emergencies and accidents, and spend the rest of the money on things I want or need such as clothing and shoes. I will also give money to my church. In order to…show more content…
Depending on my performance with Cross Country in high school will determine whether I will be able to run Cross Country in college, and receive athletic money The Coca-cola scholarship requires a GPA of 3.0,You have to be an undergraduate, and you also have to have demonstrated record of outstanding community service, leadership, and academic achievements. The job availabilities for a veterinarian are increasing. In 2016, Staticstics show that there will be about 84,000 job availabilities for veterinarians. When I become a veterinarian, I would like to work at a local veterinary hospital or a local clinic. Whenever I become a veterinarian, I would like to do that because I want to live in Tennessee, but if there is no job availability I will have to move somewhere else where my career is needed. I interviewed Dr.Thrope and I asked the following questions: What is your daily routine of your job; what is the most likable thing about your job; what is the least likable thing about your job; if you could be a different type of veterinarian, then what type of veterinarian would you

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