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Introduction Trebuchets have been used throughout history to launch large objects over far distances. These large objects are also commonly referred to as payloads. Trebuchets were mainly used throughout history for war. These machines take advantage of the basic laws of physics to launch stones and similar large objects at or over enemy walls. The projectile launched by the trebuchet would strike the enemy's defenses often causing critical damage. These war machines offered the using party distinct advantages in battle. Traditional trebuchets did have problems, however, because they were originally constructed out of wood and held together with ropes. Consequently, these trebuchets were easily damaged or destroyed by rain, fire, or payload attacks. With the advent of the steel industry and better technology, a modern spin can be applied to traditional trebuchet construction. Problem Statement The purpose of this project is to redesign a trebuchet to make it more durable than traditional trebuchets made out of wood and rope. The trebuchet will therefore be designed using steel and bolts. The trebuchet design will…show more content…
The weight of the counter weight came out to be 150 kg and the weight of the projectile 1.5 kg. Putting this in the simulation, the software gave the resulting reaction force. The maximum reaction force on the beam is also the maximum force seen by the pivot shaft. The software output a maximum moment of 3461.7 N*m located at the pivot shaft hole. From there the maximum stress could be calculated and adjusted with the stress concentration factor of the pivot shaft hole. Since the pivot point has both the maximum moment and stress concentration, this will be the critical point at which failure would occur. The maximum stress at the pivot is 59.4 MPa. The size of the beam was then chosen by using this stress and iterating to find an acceptable factor of

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