Women's Objectification Of Women

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During early ages, women were only intended to do the cooking, the cleaning and taking care of the house work, to sum it all up, they were seen as the weakest gender. But women are actually more than that, they are much more than housewives and mere sexual objects. Not only that, but they can also be great leaders and CEOs. To this day, this concept still exists around the world, and media made a great contribution to this existence .So, journalists and scriptwriters shouldn’t keep portraying women of today as housewives, sexual objects and incompetent people. For so many years, women had always been considered as housewives, sexual objects that stayed at home waiting for their husbands to come from work. They weren’t really aware of their…show more content…
These last few years, movies and advertisements in particular had a big role in spreading the concept of women’s objectification, this objectification of women in advertisements has made women not only self- conscious about themselves, but also ashamed of their looks and body. These displays intentionally or not, use perfect, flawless women to take action in their media play. According to the journalists Hazir and Hifsa in their article “The Objectification of Women in Television Advertisements in Pakistan” “media doesn’t advertise products, they are

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