The Negative Effects Of Self-Objectification

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In the world today, many people may experience a situation where when they are exposed to something for a period of time, they tend to associate more with whatever that is related to what they were exposed to. For example, if someone were to be exposed to a colour for a certain period of time, that individual might be able to associate with objects that are yellow in colour faster than objects which are of different colours. This happens because when an individual is exposed to a certain stimuli for a period of time, the mind tends to be more sensitive in recognizing stimuli related to what they were exposed to, thus leading individuals to be primed. Priming here is applicable because it can happen in daily life and even lead to stereotyping being displayed unintentionally and may cause disharmony among the community. If an individual is exposed to racist remarks through priming, the individual is more likely to be more racist and repeat racist remarks as they have…show more content…
They wanted to find out whether exposure to sexually objectifying words would lead to negative consequences. Their samples were undergraduate students that consisted of males and females. Participants were randomly assigned to one of three conditions, the self-objectification prime, body competence prime or the control group and were asked to complete questionnaires and were then asked several questions after that to determine if the manipulation was obvious. Their findings showed that men were unaffected by the primes but women showed significantly higher negative emotions when primed with self-objectification compared to when they were primed with body competence. They concluded that exposure to objectifying media can cause a self-objectification state to be initiated in women as well as cause psychological consequences to

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