Active And Passive Vocabulary Essay

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2) Vocabulary Vocabulary is a nucleus component of language aptitude and supplies much of the basis for how well learners speak, listen, read, and write. Vocabulary is one of the income through which meanings, thoughts, and feelings can be transmitted. Vocabulary has a significant role in instruction and knowledge any language. Vocabulary is not just a list that is stocked in person’s memory or words that are used in language in order to facilitate communication simply because we can communicate through body gestures or even through eye-contact there are many ways that lead to communication. In contrast, Vocabulary is a collection of new words through reading leads to creativity, for writing and debating. 3) Types of Vocabulary According…show more content…
Hearing the vocabulary used prompts you to recall its meaning”. The difference between active and passive vocabulary is; the active vocabulary easy to recall from the memory. Once a vocabulary needed immediately reminded. It reproduces by an utterance made by a speaker. An active vocabulary is a change from passive to active vocabulary this means a speaker while reading a legal text even the words are hard to understand but thanks to the passive which transferred them in easiest words by understanding the content of the text. 4) The use of Vocabulary Vocabulary is used in different language Skills such as writing, speaking, reading, and even listening, (we use the vocabulary that are memorized in the mind in order to evoke the meaning from a certain context like conversation, listening to songs and so on … . There are two types of using Vocabulary either expressive (writing and speaking) or receptive (listening, reading). The expressive vocabulary is the vocabulary that is used in expressing a situation in a specific context. Express feelings, or give an opinion about a certain issue. Writing is a process which is able to reproduce by a talented

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